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Discover the simple way to get your message in front of thousands of people who are truly hungry for the transformation you provide, create a thriving online community, and inspire a constant flow of ideal clients to invest in their future with your programs!

From the desk of Rhonda Hess, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Entrepreneur,

I want to ask you: When was the last time your website brought you new clients?

Here’s the thing… not all websites will do the work for you of attracting and converting prospects into clients. In fact, most websites utterly fail to inspire people to take action — optin, read and respond to your messages and enroll as your next ideal client.

Instead, because too many visitors don’t instantly resonate with what they see on your website, they BOUNCE off in seconds and never return again. Ouch!

Is your website failing you? Here are the 3 classic mistakes most websites make:

  • The site is mostly about you and what you do.
  • You’ve buried your optin (or you don’t have one) and your free offer is lackluster.
  • You’ve forgotten to inspire visitors to keep connecting with you.
I’ll admit I made all of these mistakes, on not one but three different websites! After investing thousands of dollars and too many hours painstakingly writing content, my sites that looked pretty and seemed impressive… but they did absolutely NOTHING for me.

Now I have an award winning blog and a website that continuously grows my list and enrolls clients. I can easily say that my website is the centerpiece of my marketing. It’s like a busy airport, where my clients and I share the journey to their ultimate destination.

But I learned how to do it right the hard way. Before, I didn’t understand how crucial it was to serve my target audience ON my website. I know that sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many websites seem to entirely forget who they’re serving!

As soon as I learned that secret I immediately got more clients from my website. But I didn’t stop there because I wanted even better results.

After years of studying how to make my own website work for me, I’ve turned those steps into a blueprint to help other entrepreneurs transform their websites into client-winning online communities that strikes a resonant chord with their ideal clients.

So right here and now I’m going to reveal to you the 5 secrets to having a client winning website:

  • Make your home page feel like home to the people you serve.
  • Nail the #1 most critical aspect of your site — your optin and irresistible free offer.
  • Create a simple fool proof “conversion process” that inspires visitors to engage.
  • Authentically connect with fans in a way that motivates them to invest.
  • And seamlessly leverage the power of social networks with the press of a button.
Milana Leshinsky“I see so many coaching websites that are
just online brochures, which won’t help you
build your list of future clients.”
But Rhonda and I agree that, with a few very specific shifts, your website can become a real asset and business builder. In Client Winning Websites & Blogs Rhonda lays out a step by step blueprint for you so you can easily transform your own website into a client-winner. You’ll know exactly what critical features should go where, how to write content that engages your target audience and how to create an irresistible offer that will boost your list and credibility.

Take a look at my new website. People tell me they love it and I know it’s working for me!

Milana Leshinsky,

Is your website hitting the mark yet?
I tell you, I hate to see so many of you waste your time, money and energy with a website that just sits there doing nothing for you! If you’re launching a new website or finessing the one you have, I want YOU to be proud of how your website works for you… even while you sleep!

YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!
YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!


I want YOU to have an award winning site like my Prosperous Coach Blog, which has won the best coaching blog contest for 2009 – 2011.

To ace your website, you’ll want to have a step-by-step blueprint that walks through every feature and page of your new website, blog and list-building process so you can:
  • Make smart decisions from the get go.
  • Quickly write content with high attraction impact.
  • Manage my web designer so my site looks even better than my vision.
  • And launch with confidence in 30 days.
And you also want:

  • Checklists to remind you to complete bite size tasks.
  • Videos to show youexamples of how to do it right.
  • Templates to get you off the blank page fast.
  • The rolodex for brilliant web designers, hosting companies, shopping carts, etc.
  • Primers to teach you list building, social networking, and blogging tips.
Client Winning Websites & Blogs
includes all of that to help you:
Launch Well. Get Known. Attract Fans.

YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!
YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!


You’ll have immediate access as soon as you complete your order!

First I’ll help you START SMART:

  • Which home page features and layout will highlight your strengths.
  • How to easily and authentically write messages that inspire web visitors to take action and engage with you.
  • How to make your opt-in and freebie irresistible.
  • Why blogs boost your income and whether a blog is right for you.
  • An easy way to educate your designer so you can get the site you really want quickly and inexpensively.


Miriam Stout“Client Winning Websites & Blogs has helped me gain clarity about how to really connect with my clients on my website.”
It’s all about my clients, what whey want to accomplish, and how I help them bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. I’ve learned how to write client-centric content. Rhonda’s insights help me find the best wording when I am struggling with the content for my pages. This program gives a starting point for everything: a way to make my site unique to my niche, and a goal-directed way to move step-by-step through the process of creating my website.

Miriam Stout, Thriving OT Practice Solutions

Then I’ll show you fun & effective ways to write YOUR BACK PAGES:

  • Engage simple copy-writing secrets that build credibility, trust and motivate visitors to invest.
  • Leverage your story to authentically connect with your audience.
  • Magnetically draw people through your site to your offers.

Sandra Hoedemaker“The step-by-step process shared in Client Winning Websites & Blogs eliminated my sense of overwhelm and made it so easy for me to build my website.”
I absolutely loved the checklists because when I started to stress out about where to start and what to work on next, all I had to do was look at my checklist and choose one small task to complete. It was that simple. All the guides are clearly written and the videos are extremely helpful because I could see first-hand examples of client-winning websites so I could decide quickly and with confidence how I wanted my website layout and pages to look. I can’t imagine what it would have been like not having Client Winning Websites & Blogs to guide me.

Sandra Hoedemaker, Client Attraction Strategist

And I’ll give you the formula to nail your HOME PAGE:

  • Populate your blog with juicy content you’ll love writing.
  • Cutting edge plugins designed to double your list quickly.

Lisa Wrigley“The dominant feeling I had before creating my website was one of complete overwhelm.”
But with Client Winning Websites & Blogs, Rhonda consolidates the whole process into a practical step-by-step guide which outlines in detail, and sequentially, everything you need to do to create a winning website. There are comprehensive written guides, checklists and video series for each of its three modules. I particularly enjoyed the videos, where Rhonda shows different websites with design solutions that work. It’s saved me countless hours and also sparked new ideas. To say that CWWB was absolutely invaluable to me as I created my site would be an understatement.

Lisa Wrigley, Onpoint Designer Strategist

Discover low or no cost ways to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your site:

  • 5 high-impact methods and which is best for you now.
  • Leverage social media including videos and article writing.

… and much more.
Stan Mann“Best investment I ever made was enrolling in Client Winning Websites & Blogs.”
The program gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create a website that attracts your ideal clients. What a relief when you know exactly what to do! When I turned it over to my web designer, he said designing my website was a breeze because he knew exactly what I wanted and what to do. The guide on how to write effective blogs is also extremely valuable. If you need a new website this is the best program I found during my 14 years of coaching.

Stan Mann, CPC, president of Solutions for Financial Advisors, LLC

Now I’ve seen website programs that cost $2000, come with a half dozen CDs and transcripts that I have to wade through to find the actionable points I can take right now.

I’m not into fluff, so my Client Winning Websites & Blogs system helps you build momentum on your website project and launch fast. It’s crystal clear what to do next and next and next, so you can fit easy tasks into small windows of time. All your questions are answered in the Q&A.

YES! You get FREE support along the way!

Receive Rhonda’s personalized support when you need it.

Ace every aspect of your website with expert help at the Client Winning Website online community.
  • Get answers to all your questions.
  • Brainstorm ideas for your content, colors and pages.
  • Get feedback and make key decisions with my guidance.

You’ll take huge leaps forward knowing that your website will attract and enroll your ideal clients.

I’ve also included my Cutting Edge Resources so you can save time choosing an ace web designer, hosting company and all the related services you might want like a shopping cart to take online payments and automatically enroll clients into your programs and a contact management & autoresponder system that makes it easy to stay in touch with your fans and followers.

For all this, I know you’ll love the price. It’s just $497! That’s it. There’s a generous payment plan if you want it (just three payments of $195.)

If you’re like me and you prefer an expert to affirm your decisions, help you finesse your content and be sure everything you’ve done is right from the get go, opt for a private website review with me. I’ll review every word and every detail of your site to make sure you’re set up for success. It’s so worth it for 3 payments of $374. I know this would’ve saved me a lot of time and heartache if I’d had this kind of support for my first website!

YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!
YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!


My 30Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to make sure you’re happy and feeling completely confident about this so let me tell you about my 100% CLIENT HAPPINESS GUARANTEE.

I am so confident that you’ll see the value if you implement my system Client Winning Websites & Blogs, that I’m willing to back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But if, for some reason, you’re not happy with Client Winning Websites & Blogs and you contact me within 30 days, you can have your money back. No questions, no quibbles, no kidding. Dig into the valuable content, watch the videos and take the quick actions in the checklists. If you believe this system isn’t for you… just let me know by the end of the 30 days and you will receive a full refund.

Do you have some questions?

Question: What if I already have a site but want to improve it, will your system help me?

Answer: Yes, you’ll find it easy to make pinpointed shifts in your content and in your site’s layout to improve the way you build your list and convert prospects into clients.

Question: If I’m a new coach (or other type of service entrepreneur) will this help me get my site built from scratch?

Answer: This is perfect for you. My system is step-by-step. You’ll never wonder what to do next or how to do it. And the steps are so bite-sized it’s easy to work on your website for just an hour or two every week and make a lot of progress quickly.

Question: Is there a way I can work directly with you?

Answer: I’d love to work with you! What I suggest is that you opt for the private website review along with my system. That way, when you’ve followed all the simple steps and done your best, I can help you finesse details and finalize things before you launch.

Question: Can I use a template to create my website?

Answer: Yes, I recommend that you use a WordPress theme or have one custom designed by a web designer. Be sure to host your site on your own domain. Other types of templates often look like a template and aren’t versatile.

Question: I need help choosing my company name and domain, will your system help me do that?

Answer: Yes, literally every decision you need to make is covered and the system provides “counsel” to help you decide. Choosing your company name and domain is just one of the key decisions I’ll help you with. I’ve included my Cutting Edge Resources so you can quickly and confidently choose web designers, hosting services, shopping carts and more.

Question: How long will it take me to launch my new website?

Answer: As little as 2 – 4 weeks. The materials and checklists in this blueprint are so clear and direct that completing a few bite-sized tasks each day will put you on an easy pace to launch within a month.

Question: What if I’m not a confident writer, will you help me?

Answer: Yes! That’s one of my specialties. For each page I’ve given you templates with examples and straight forward guidelines. The good news is that conversational writing that shows your authentic style works best. And more good news is that a couple of paragraphs does it for most of your pages!

Question: How do I know if a blog or ezine is right for me?

Answer: I’ll walk you through a quick series of questions that will make it easy to decide what’s right for you. If you decide to publish a blog or ezine I have hundreds of tips to make it easy for you! And if you don’t, that’s AOK too. You can always do what’s right for you.

Are you ready to have your own Client Winning Website & Blog? Get started now and launch in 30 days!
YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!
YES, Rhonda, I Want My Own Client-Winning Website!